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Serving Belmont, Lake Norman, and Hickory, NC

Serving Belmont, Lake Norman, and Hickory, NC


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Join Our Premier Customer Club!

Our motto makes things simple for our customers. Whenever there’s a problem or strange noise coming from your HVAC system, you can just “Call Ace Hardware Home Services.” It’s easy, it works, and there’s nothing like having a team you can just quickly call for immediate support. But repairs and new system installations aren’t the only things we do.

In fact, you could be saving a ton of money right now by joining our Premier Customer Club, which is the name of our expertly designed maintenance plan which can help your technology last longer and run more efficiently.

This service is just too good to pass up. Right now we’re even running a $99 maintenance promotion where our customers can join this exclusive club for an entire year for just one low cost. Sound good?

Great! Here’s a rundown on why now is the perfect time to join our Premier Customer Club.

Extend the Lifespan of Your HVAC Technology

Our maintenance plan is a necessary component of having a heating and air conditioning system that can stand the test of time. One of the most insidious parts of being a homeowner is the constant wear and tear our equipment can endure.

Maintenance ensures that the system gets regularly cleaned and adjusted on a routine basis so it doesn’t wear down as quickly or as much as a neglected system would. All of that for the price of $99? Sounds like a steal to us.

Achieve Peak Energy Efficiency

Efficiency is the difference between a moderate energy bill and an expensive one. Depending on how much energy or fuel you use on a regular basis, our maintenance program could practically pay for itself in the savings that you would achieve throughout the rest of the year by running a more efficient HVAC system.

Get Warned About Repairs and Replacements

Nobody likes a surprise breakdown or repair. Luckily, our maintenance appointments are designed to let customers know when something is going wrong. We’ll notify you of a problem before it requires repair, so you can plan accordingly. We’ll also be honest with you and tell you about the remaining time your system has before it realistically needs to be replaced. All of this information is priceless, but you can get it for just $99!

Inspections, Discounts, Priority Service, and More!

Don’t stop there! Our Premier Customer Club comes with a variety of perks and deals that can help you save even more money. We offer 10% discounts on repairs, priority service and scheduling, and detailed inspections that can keep your gas furnace running safely and securely.

The truth is that no single part of maintenance makes the cost worth it. It’s the whole package that makes it such a bargain. You’re getting everything we mentioned above and more for just a small yearly cost. We think that’s worth more than $99, but we want customers to experience just how powerful this service can be for their first year.

Making your day better is what we do best. Start your maintenance journey with Ace Hardware Home Services today. Call Ace Hardware Home Services!

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