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UV Germicidal Light in Gastonia, NC

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A UV germicidal light is the ideal upgrade for your home. This system protects against the unwanted bacteria and viruses that circulate through your home’s ductwork and then enter the air of your home. Ace Hardware Home Services offers a full range of UV germicidal light installation services to help ensure the health, safety, and comfort of your home and family.

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What Is a UV Germicidal Light?

UV germicidal light systems are designed to kill germs by emitting small amounts of ultraviolet light. These systems are installed in your existing ductwork to kill single-cell organisms such as bacteria and viruses, keeping them from reaching the living areas of your home. When installed by professionals, the installation process is quick and the system won’t be visible in your home. The small amount of UV light emitted is perfectly safe for pets and children. These systems are simple and yet effective methods of reducing the presence of germs in your home.

How Do UV Germicidal Lights Work?

UV germicidal lights work by emitting small levels of UV (ultraviolet) radiation to destroy biological pollutants. The filter in your HVAC system doesn’t decrease the amount of pollutants in your home. UV germicidal lights are installed specifically to rid your home of unhealthy pathogens to increase your indoor air quality and reduce illnesses. The maintenance needs for these systems are minimal and a lack of moving parts makes UV germicidal lights an effective and convenient indoor air quality solution.

Is a Germicidal UV Light Right for You?

At Ace Hardware Home Services, we’re not interested in forcing needless sales; what we’re interested in is providing our Gastonia, NC customers with whole house solutions to indoor air quality problems. If you’d like to know more about UV germicidal lights and whether it’s right for your home, you can count on us for an honest opinion and a free estimate. We back up our promises with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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