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Serving Belmont, Lake Norman, and Hickory, NC

Serving Belmont, Lake Norman, and Hickory, NC


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Is Your Home Ready for a Heat Pump?

Heat pumps are a game-changer for many homeowners, and their popularity is soaring. Why? These ingenious systems tackle both the cold and the heat, ensuring your living space stays comfortable no matter the day.

But is your home ready to welcome this versatile technology? Let’s explore what makes heat pumps a go-to choice and how Ace Hardware Home Services is your trusted partner for heat pump installation in Gastonia.

The Allure of Heat Pumps

Heat pumps stand out for their ability to perform dual roles. Unlike traditional systems that require separate units for heating and cooling, a heat pump does both. This not only simplifies your home’s HVAC system but also paves the way for significant energy savings. With effective dehumidification thrown into the mix, opting for a heat pump seems an obvious choice.

Assessing Your Home’s Readiness

Switching to a heat pump is a decision that comes with its set of considerations. Your home’s layout, existing ductwork, and insulation play pivotal roles in determining how well a heat pump will serve you. A well-insulated home, for instance, maximizes the efficiency of a heat pump, ensuring you get the most out of this modern innovation.

Installation and Replacement

Choosing the right heat pump is key. That’s where we come in. At Ace Hardware Home Services, we understand that a heat pump is not just an appliance but a long-term investment in your comfort. Whether you’re considering a brand-new installation or replacing an older model, we guide you every step of the way. Our goal? To equip your home with an energy-efficient model that promises unmatched heating and cooling.

Maintenance Is Key

Like any other investment, heat pump maintenance is required to maintain its peak performance. Our comprehensive maintenance plan covers everything from checking parts and components to ensuring the refrigerant level is just right. We don’t stop there; we perform a full safety check and clean your outdoor coils to ensure your system runs smoothly. Plus, our plan comes with a 10% discount on repairs, flexible payment options, and priority scheduling. It’s all about keeping your heat pump in tip-top shape, year-round.

When Repairs Are Needed

Even the most well-maintained heat pump might need a repair from time to time. When it’s time for heat pump repair, you can count on Ace Hardware Home Services. Our NATE-certified, licensed, and insured technicians are ready to restore your system’s performance. And if you find yourself needing our services, remember, maintaining your heat pump twice a year is the secret to optimal performance.

The Ace Hardware Home Services Promise

At Ace Hardware Home Services, we’re more than just a service provider; we’re your neighbors. Our commitment to you goes beyond the call of duty. We guarantee 100% satisfaction because making your day better is what we do best. We treat our customers like family—with dignity and respect—because that’s how trust is built.

Why choose anyone else? When it comes to heating and cooling, Ace Hardware Home Services is the name you can trust. Our technicians aren’t just NATE-certified; they embody our mission to go above and beyond with every service.

As heat pumps continue to rise in popularity, knowing whether your home is ready for this change is everything. With Ace Hardware Home Services by your side, transitioning to a heat pump is seamless. From installation and replacement to maintenance and repairs, we’ve got you covered. Let us show you why we’re the most trusted HVAC contractor around. 

Ready for a change? Call Ace Hardware Home Services. Contact us today!

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