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Serving Belmont, Lake Norman, and Hickory, NC

Serving Belmont, Lake Norman, and Hickory, NC


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Going Ductless: The Innovative AC Choice

Switching to a ductless HVAC system? It’s a move many are making for a slew of solid reasons. Efficiency, personalized comfort, and slashing those energy bills top the list. Reach out to Ace Hardware Home Services for all choices of ductless systems in Huntersville, NC.

Let’s unpack why opting for a ductless solution might just be the upgrade your home needs.

Why Efficiency Matters

Ductless HVAC systems are game-changers in the world of energy savings. By skipping the ducts, these energy-efficient air conditioning systems directly cool or warm your space, avoiding the energy leaks common with traditional ductwork. This means you can keep your home comfortable without unnecessary costs creeping up on you. 

Ductless Systems Decoded

What exactly is a ductless HVAC system? It’s a setup that connects an outdoor unit to one or more indoor units through a small conduit. This setup can tackle both your cooling and heating needs without the complex ductwork traditional systems rely on.

The Perks of Going Ductless

Choosing a ductless system comes with a heap of benefits. You get to control it all room by room with zoned temperature control systems, avoiding the all-too-common thermostat wars. The installation process is straightforward, avoiding major disruptions. Additionally, ductless systems can lead to better air quality in your home since they don’t spread dust and allergens through ducts.

Installation Made Simple

If you’re leaning towards ductless, you’ll be glad to know that installation tends to be quick and painless. Whether you opt for wall-mounted or ceiling cassette units, the process is designed to be minimally invasive, often wrapping up in just one visit.

Maintenance Is Key

To keep your ductless system humming along at peak efficiency, regular maintenance is crucial. This includes checking the system’s parts, ensuring refrigerant levels are optimal, and keeping outdoor coils clean. Such care not only ensures your system runs smoothly but also extends its lifespan.

Whole Home Comfort

Ductless systems are versatile enough to cater to single rooms or provide whole-home comfort. With the latest technology from leading brands, you can enjoy consistent and efficient temperature control everywhere in your home with whole house ductless systems.

How to Choose Your System

Picking the right ductless HVAC system might seem daunting, but help is available. Turning to NATE-certified, licensed, and insured professionals for guidance can make the decision process smoother. They can provide insights and advice to ensure the system you choose meets your home’s specific needs.

Ace Hardware Home Services: Your Ductless Experts

At Ace Hardware Home Services, we specialize in providing top-tier ductless HVAC solutions. Our team is comprised of NATE-certified technicians who are experts in their field, ensuring that every service, from installation to maintenance and repair, meets the highest standards.

We stand by our promises: a 100% satisfaction guarantee, service excellence, and the credentials to deliver peace of mind. Our maintenance plan is designed to keep your system in top shape, featuring regular checks and exclusive benefits like repair discounts and flexible payment options.

The Smart Choice for Home Comfort

Opting for a ductless HVAC system is smart for several reasons: efficiency, individualized comfort, and improved air quality, to name a few. And by partnering with Ace Hardware Home Services, you’re not just getting expert service; you’re investing in your home’s future comfort and efficiency.

Ready to make a smart, energy-efficient choice for your home? Contact us todayMaking your day better is what we do best!

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