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Serving Belmont, Lake Norman, and Hickory, NC

Serving Belmont, Lake Norman, and Hickory, NC


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“What’s the Deal With My Rattling Furnace?”

A furnace is never supposed to rattle just like a car isn’t supposed to have a check engine light on. But sometimes, this happens and it’s not really anyone’s fault.

A rattling furnace is one of the most common problems we see, and the causes are plentiful. This is what makes diagnosing a problem so difficult online. Depending on your unique situation and the type of furnace you have, that rattling sound could be coming from a completely different problem than we initially thought. But when you call for professional Shelby heating and cooling work, you get the personal touch of a specialist who can diagnose your system’s issue correctly and quickly.

So, while we encourage anyone to keep reading and learn about these problems on their own, don’t discount calling for a pro when you need it the most.

3 Causes for a Rattling Furnace

Let’s start by saying that a rattling furnace is a bad thing. We know this might seem obvious, but a rattling furnace rarely causes the system to stop working, so a lot of homeowners continue to let it heat their home without repairs.

This can be bad due to the fact that the problem causing the rattling noise can also compound into other issues that are much worse and more expensive to fix. And, if enough problems compound over time, your furnace will cease to work at all and you’ll be stuck in a much worse place.

Here are three common causes for a rattling furnace and what you can do about them.

  1. A loose component. If you were to put a loose screw in a box and jiggle it around, you’d probably hear a rattling noise. If what’s happening in your furnace is similar to that noise you’re envisioning in your head, then you likely have a loose screw or other component that’s causing friction and a loud noise. While this is definitely the best and most affordable problem to face, it still requires support nonetheless.
  2. A misaligned blower fan. Can you pinpoint the rattling to right next to where the air travels into your ductwork? This means the sound is coming from your blower fan. Either it’s misaligned or it also has a component that’s loose, but this can be tricky. The more friction your blower fan creates by rattling, the more likely it will need an early replacement.
  3. Cracked heat exchanger. Now here’s a very big problem that might surpass all of the others. A heat exchanger can sometimes become cracked due to many different things, and the sound it makes could be a type of rattle. But this is serious because your heat exchanger is the front line of defense against fumes like gas and carbon monoxide from leaking into your home and causing catastrophic problems. If this is a potential issue, you’ll need to shut your system down and call for professional help immediately.

Don’t panic. Our team can quickly and easily diagnose the problem and set you on the pass to success.

Contact Ace Hardware Home Services for comprehensive furnace support. Remember, Call Ace Hardware Home Services!

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