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Serving Belmont, Lake Norman, and Hickory, NC

Serving Belmont, Lake Norman, and Hickory, NC


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Is Your AC Still Not Satisfying You?

Air conditioner repair is supposed to be a one-and-done thing, at least that’s what it should feel like. But sometimes, a customers’ experience can feel much worse. Right after a technician fixes a problem, what if you identify a new one?

This is a problem that can happen, and it’s why two things are incredibly important when scheduling repairs–that it get done by a licensed professional, and that you pay attention to your system’s lifespan.

Air conditioners are not designed to last forever, but they should last well into their second decade if you keep them in good condition. Follow along with our guide to evaluate the current condition of your AC technology and whether you need to invest in replacement or AC repair in Gastonia, NC. While either option is available with our team, the choice is ultimately up to you!

A Botched Installation

This is a worst-case scenario for a lot of people and it can be difficult to find out. You’ll know you’ve got a botched installation when the system is only a few years old and it’s run into a catastrophic problem that requires a system replacement.

This can be anything from the installation of an air conditioner that’s too large for your home, to faulty refrigerant lines that are breaking under pressure, to a lopsided and broken compressor that ultimately fails after running for a short time.

These components and issues are so expensive to fix that you’re likely better off getting the entire system replaced from this standpoint. Just avoid these problems in the future by choosing a professional for the installation this time.

Compounding Issues

In certain situations, a secondary repair need that comes after the initial one is due to compounding problems. This is when one problem inadvertently causes another due to wear and tear, lack of maintenance, and degradation.

Think of it this way–if your air conditioner was making a strange noise for practically an entire summer and you finally got it fixed this fall, the problem persisted for way longer than it should have. This could cause another problem that rears its head now, even though you just got the system repaired.

Try to avoid this by investing in fast repairs so problems have a smaller chance of compounding.

The End of a System’s Lifespan

Don’t forget that an air conditioner is only reasonably supposed to last 10-15 years. This lifespan is important and it could explain a frequent amount of repairs if your system is worn down to the point of needing a replacement.

Other Issues

Not every problem is going to fall into one of these categories. In fact, one of the most important aspects of professional AC repair is the diagnosis that’s performed by a licensed pro. In order for you to know how serious an issue is, or how simple it is to fix, you’re going to need to invest in a qualified professional who can diagnose issues accurately. All of the staff on our team are trained to do this exceptionally well.

Do yourself a favor before jumping to any conclusions and schedule an appointment with a pro who knows what they’re doing.

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