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Serving Belmont, Lake Norman, and Hickory, NC

Serving Belmont, Lake Norman, and Hickory, NC


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Heat Pumps: 2023’s Must-Buy System

Thanks to the Inflation Reduction Act and a whole lot of local initiatives, you’ve probably heard a ton about heat pumps recently. At least we’re finding that more homeowners than ever are starting to realize that there’s more to heating and cooling a home than just purchasing a furnace or a central AC. There are some incredible options out there, and whether you’re doing it for the savings or the desire to be eco-friendly, there are a lot of reasons to switch.

Today, we’re going to focus on heat pump technology. These systems used to be niche, expensive units that only wealthy customers could afford.

Now, they’re more affordable and efficient than ever. And with available tax credits, rebates, and promotions, you could get your hands on a heat pump in Gastonia, NC as early as this year. Let’s discuss how these systems work and why they’re so popular right now.

How Heat Pump Technology Operates

Before we can accurately talk about why someone might purchase a heat pump in 2023, we need to talk about how they work.

Heat pumps run similarly to central air conditioners. They use evaporation and condensation to draw in heat from the inside of your home, and disperse it outside where you can’t feel it. This is a common and usual practice in the HVAC industry.

However, where a heat pump differs from a regular AC unit, is in how it can do the same process in reverse. A heat pump can essentially heat your whole home when things are chilly outdoors, in the same way that it cools it during a heatwave. And it does all this with only electricity.

What’s Changed?

So, why are heat pumps becoming so popular now? There are many reasons for it, but here are three main points that have made these systems so common and popular these days.


Energy efficiency is becoming a top priority for anyone buying an appliance these days. For instance, a clothes drying machine might be cheap, but if it costs a tremendous amount of money to use every month due to electricity costs, then no customer will actually buy it.

Heat pumps are extremely energy efficient, even when compared to powerful heating or cooling units. They reduce your overall energy bills and ease the stress on the power grid, even allowing for solar panels to help with their functionality.

Legislation and Promotions

Since heat pumps are both energy efficient and environmentally friendly, lots of legislation from the federal, state, and local levels are starting to incentivize them. You might get a huge tax credit, or a major rebate if you invest in these systems now.

Make sure you check with one of our professionals to see what you qualify for, and how you can take full advantage of savings proposals.


Homes are just getting more convenient than they ever were before. Now, it’s pretty common to find a smart thermostat or a ductless mini split system in a home. Many people are choosing heat pumps, especially ductless models, mainly because of how convenient they are. They’re a heater and cooling system all in one, which might fit the 21st-century aesthetic of your home.

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